Monday 25 January 2021

God, it is said, moves in a mysterious way. Packers coach Matt LaFleur, eight yards away, down by eight with 2:09 left, takes the ball out of MVP Aaron Rodgers' hands and kicks a field goal — that's one of our darkest mysteries.


  1. In Super Bowl XXI in 1987, Coach Bill Parcells of the Giants pulled two trick plays on 4th down against the Denver Broncos. Both worked and the Giants won. Ya' gotta go for it.

  2. I understand Matt's reasoning, up to the point where he assumed the defense would get the ball back. If it's a win or go home game, you have to go for the win (or tie in this case).

    1. It sent a bad message to Rodgers ... although the three plays before it were, um, meh.