Saturday 3 June 2023

Five reasons Delaney Irving of Nanaimo, BC, chose to take part — and won — this year's Gloucester cheese-roll:
5. She lost her whey;
4. The race called for a few Gouda women;
3. Her Brie-wheeling style;
2. To try the best she curd;
1. She felt cheddar than the rest.


  1. Are you okay now that you got all that out of your system?

  2. I had to refresh myself with the cheese-roll and discovered that not only is Delaney the 1st Canadian to win, but she was unconscious when she won!

    1. First Canadian "female" that is. A Torontonian male won it in 2018(?). And that is right: she fell and hit her head — knocking herself out — and rolled the last few feet over the finish line. When she woke in the medical tent, the cheese roll was on her lap — winner!
      That hill is insanely steep! Almost a dead drop! Yikes.

    2. To win it takes a (sorry Chad) Muenster effort.

  3. I doubt that Chad camembert this much longer.