Sunday 16 April 2023

Bob Ernst, former Washington Huskies rowing coach, was fired after being given a choice: change your ways or lose your job. In rowing parlance: either-oar.


  1. That's very accurate! He was a Giant in the rowing world helping Washington maintain their program superiority - 19 National Championships - the first to win 5 straight Nationals. He served 42 years at the UW, 11 time Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2 National Championships, 1 Olympic Gold and at least 3 different Hall of Fames. He was old school "mean and insulting" to motivate his rowers, which proved his undoing when the women wouldn't accept him any longer. He's probably 77 now and living a quiet retirement in a very nice neighborhood, overlooking Lake Washington (I imagine). His successors have been even more successful in winning Nationals.