Wednesday 23 November 2022

Five things you might see during NFL Thanksgiving Day games:
5. Wishbone formations;
4. Feathered passes;
3. Gobblehead dolls;
2. Major fowls;
1. A gizzard of odds.


  1. We'll probably never see the old Oklahoma Wishbone (also know as the triple option) again, but that would be interesting. As for theothers, we'll never have to leave the dinner table.

  2. Very nice!

    Navy uses what they call a triple option flexbone offense, which primarily differs from the wishbone and veer in the standard alignment where 2 of the 3 running backs start. All 3 of the service academies run option offenses because they can't often recruit the 4/5 star QB recruits that are very good passers. (They seldom get 4/5 star recruits at any position, not surprisingly.)