Saturday 26 February 2022

A photo that circulated the Twitterverse shows a woman walking a man on a leash through London. And before you ask, the couple is not Brenda and Kurt Warner.


  1. 👍

    Their son, Kade, transferred from Nebraska to K-State because he wanted a chance to go to a bowl game. Bet that was a first! Mom and dad were at every game, including the bowl game. He still has a year of eligibility. Kurt went to college with the Cats head coach. The Nebraska QB, Martinez, has also transferred to KSU for the coming season. I thought he'd already played 7 years.

    1. Good story Gary. Lots of K-State connections. Do you know where the senior Warners live?

    2. Scottsdale AZ. They have 7 kids and Kurt is a QB coach at a local high school where his son Elijah is the QB; he has committed to Temple Univ.

      Check your spam?

    3. I just did. It's packed! ... But nothing from you. Have I missed something?