Friday 21 August 2020

According to studies, one thing that helps men get dates is owning a dog. It's a distant second to owning a lot of money.


  1. A very distant second (unless the dog is wealthy)!

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    1. There's a long list of movie/TV star dogs who've made millions, which they donated to their owners. Here's a short list:

      Lassie, played by a male collie named Pal. Every Lassie movie and TV show has been played by a male descendant of Pal. The most recent Lassie movie was done ~2005 in the UK, starring Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton and Mason as Lassie.

      Rin Tin Tin has the most interesting bio. An American serviceman, Lee Duncan, rescued a German Shepherd pup from an abandoned German kennel in 1917. He brought the dog home to CA after the war. Rinty appeared in 27 movies and was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 1929. His descendants followed in his footsteps.

      My fave has been Eddie, a member of the cast of Frasier. Originally played by Moose, he was a biter who John Mahoney hated. Moose's son, Enzo, played Eddie over the final 5 seasons. Since it was a fairly recent production, I'm guessing the dogs made millions.

      I'll stop here though there are plenty more.

  3. Interesting about Mahoney hating Moose - a biter. My wife and I loved Eddie, the way the tip of his tongue stuck out so much of the time.