Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Former Dodger Shawn Green holds the MLB single-game mark of 19 total bases—four homers, a double and a single. The last guy to get past first base so often in one night was Tiger Woods.


  1. Very good!

    When Shawn was with the Jays, in 95 or 96, during batting practice, he played catch with fans in the stands, something I hadn't seen before at the Kingdome. I was on the 3rd level so I kept waving my arms at him, and son of a gun if he didn't toss it to me. That's a hefty toss, but he was right on. My return throw wasn't major league, but he caught it. I think he finished his career with the Mets, so maybe he played catch with Chad, too.

  2. Chad would never go to a Mets game...unless they were playing the Yanks in Yankee Stadium.