Monday, 18 May 2020

A cheerleader pic from Sports Deke. Cheers.


  1. These girls have the whitest legs I've ever seen! Not a critique just an observation.

    From Wikipedia:
    Jamie Moyer pitched at Saint Joseph's University, where in 1984 he set the school's single-season records in wins, with 16, earned run average (ERA), with 1.99, and strikeouts, with 90.[7] In 1997 he became the only Saint Joseph's baseball player to have his jersey number, number 10, retired,[7] and was one of three inductees into the first class of the St. Joseph's Baseball Hall of Fame.
    In high school he pitched 3 consecutive no hitters.

    Jamie spent a lot of years with the Mariners, had his best seasons here, and is still much loved by all (7) Mariner fans. When I lived near Chicago I saw Jamie pitch his first major league game, against Steve Carlton. Somehow Moyer won. I predicted that he wouldn't last long. And he didn't last longer than 25 seasons!

    1. Very interesting stuff, Gary. I forgot about his Mariner years. Three consecutive no-hitters is impressive at any level.

    2. Even if it was high-school level.