Friday 29 March 2019

The Roughriders nixed a possible Raiders-Packers preseason game at Mosaic stadium with Oakland being the "home team." Note to the Raiders: adding an “A” to Riders doesn’t make you Saskatchewan's home team.


  1. Closing the borders? Probably a wise move!

    1. Not completely - yet. Winnipeg is still in discussions with them.

  2. For my American friends, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in effect the Packers of Canada. They play in the smallest CFL city, and have a massive and rabid rural fan base. Rider gear outsells the other 8 CFL teams combined. When Saskatchewan plays one province over in Calgary, there is often as much Rider green as Stampeder Red. Green Bay has cheeseheads, Saskatchewan has melon heads.
    This article from 2010, though dated and before Ottawa rejoined the CFL, sums it up nicely: