Saturday 2 March 2019

Bryce Harper rejected $30 million a year from the Nats and held out for $25 million per from the Phillies? Usually guys don't fight for less annual pay until they're getting divorced.


  1. True story: I worked with a guy in the 70's who was going through a nasty divorce. Our parent company Paramount Pictures announced a dollar-an-hour raise for everyone. He went into our manager's office and begged not to have the raise - he wanted to stick it to his ex (no kids involved).

    The request came back from head office in Toronto: he had to take the raise; "they didn't want to start a precedent."

    What? We would all go in and refuse the raise? ... Too funny.

  2. Funny story about your coworker.
    From Sports Illustrated regarding the pursuit of Harper.

    Before the process even began he (agent Scott Boras) lost a huge bargaining chip when Harper’s incumbent team, the Washington Nationals, sent an offer on the last weekend of the regular season. It was reported to be $300 million over 10 years, but included so much deferred money over such a long period—Harper would be 60 years old when the last payments were made—that the net present value was $184 million. The Harper camp saw the offer as little more than a publicity gesture to appease fans.

    It's not Bobby Bonilla good, but it ain't bad!

    1. interesting. i also heard the dodgers offered him 45m per season, but fewer total seasons. ... personally, i hate it all and find it insane. i believe the Phillies will regret it.