Friday 25 January 2019

The Brandon Wheat Kings hosted Blue Bomber Night for their January 18th game. Given the history of both clubs, they should have called it the Championship Drought Classic.


  1. Brandon won the WHL Championship in 2016. Even most marriages last longer than that. The Bombers on the other hand haven't won since 1990. And yes, most marriages don't last that long.

  2. True Hartley, but I was thinking of the Memorial Cup. ... For Dekeolytes not familiar with junior hockey, the Memorial Cup is the overall major junior ice hockey championship. Brandon has made six(?) trips to the Memorial Cup without winning — most recently 2016 as Hartley mentioned. Since 1990, the Bombers have been to the Grey Cup five times but have come up empty.

    1. Those last 5 times for the Bombers were as CFL East champs. They are now back in the CFL West.