Sunday 13 May 2018

The Toronto Raptors fired bench boss Dwane Casey two days after he was named NBA coach of the year.  It’s the fastest fall from grace for a Casey since the Mudville nine.


  1. Dwayne Casey had every right to feel bitter. Instead, he showed a lot of class penning this "thank you" (under the video) to the people of Toronto and Canada. Classy move by Casey.

  2. Good line! And you are right. He showed a lot of class.

  3. I understand that maybe the main reason he was let go was because he asked for more money. I guess it doesn't matter how good a job you do, only how little money you're willing to work for. Obviously, pro-basketball isn't a sport, it's a business. Very sad.

    1. It wouldn't have happened if they would have beaten Cleveland. That was the biggest part of this ouster. Watching them miss all those shots to end the first game was painful to watch.