Wednesday 9 May 2018

Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes broke a necklace in a 7-0 loss to Atlanta, scattering diamonds around second base. Seven innings of two-hit ball from Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb – that was a real gem.


  1. Speaking of gems, congrats to BC's own James Paxton who threw a no-hitter yesterday for the Mariners against Toronto — just the 2nd Canadian to toss a no-no in the Majors. Extra special for Paxton: he did it Canada, shutting down the Jays in Rogers Centre.

    1. Yes, well done there. I believe his nickname is Big Maple, for being from Canada and for a tattoo of maple leaf he sports on one forearm. I heard he once was a Jays prospect (2009?), but they never signed him. Ironic.

  2. Thanks to Cespedes, the Mets finally put some diamonds on the field.