Thursday 19 April 2018

A cheerleader pic from Sports Deke. Cheers.


  1. An April 18 USA Today article argues there's no longer a place in the NFL for cheerleaders. I would welcome everyone's thoughts.

    1. The article singled out Houston at one point for criticism, hence the Texans photo.

  2. I taught high school the cheerleaders there loved doing it. They were bright, dedicated, had focus and passionate (and bruised) over cheer. I'm not sure whoever wrote this article has spoken to many cheerleaders or NBA dancers or NHL ice girls.
    As for the "skimpy outfits" I agree some are overly sexualized, but for the most part they are minimal because they are exercising for about four hours punctuated with intervals of high-energy dancing! You want them in overalls for that?

  3. The article undercut itself at one point. It complained about cheerleading objectifying women's bodies. Then it slammed the Texans for only showing their cheerleaders' faces on its website.

  4. Like most opinion pieces, the author picked "evidence" to support her opinion and ignored other information that brought out the the totality of the cheerleaders' humanity. Houston Texans website: plenty of pictorial information that rebutted her main claim, i.e., the cheerleaders are there only to titillate. Did she mention one word of their community involvement?

    As I recall, the author mentioned the girls headshots and ample chests. Note to author, not all of the participants have ample chests, according to your own "evidence."

    But I think she really missed the boat by talking only to one or two disgruntled women. Based on the Sea Gals' roster of 28, there are approximately 700 cheerleaders on NFL sidelines, most of whom, I bet, have opposing opinions.

    I could go on and on but I won't. I would encourage the author to go meet many of the cheerleaders she's trying to put out of work. Get the full story!