Saturday, 24 February 2018

Canadian hockey player Jocelyne Larocque drew fire for not wanting to wear her silver medal. “Can I have it?” asked Canadian skip Rachel Homan.


  1. Really eh! Was it bad karma for Rachel with that controversial burned rock removal early in the tournament that led her to no medal land??

    1. They were shockingly bad after that incident. Was it karma r backlash that unsettled them? Maybe both.

  2. She apologized later. I understand her frustration. I don't think it was a lack of respect for the silver medal. She worked and trained for so long and felt that her team should win the gold...just too hard to deal with the disappointment.

  3. It is true that in these playoff format events, the bronze winners are happier.

  4. Your best joke ever RJ - sadly at Ms. Homan's expense. Hopefully she could also smile at this if she read it. We Canadian curling fans feel for you team Homan.

  5. Best ever? Luckily I don't set the bar very high.

    The point I really wanted to make, Len, is most Olympic athletes leave with no medals at all, and would love to have a silver instead. This includes Team Homan, who had a terrible week.