Friday 22 September 2017

An ice crew pic from Sports Deke. Cheers.


  1. Go Hawks!, seems to be a universal theme for me.

    1. Atlanta Hawks too, Gary? ... Probably not the WHL Portland Winterhawks, rivals of Seattle Thunderbirds.

    2. Never Portland, no NBA either. I do attend Seattle U baseball games cuz they play just a few miles from my home, they are Redhawks.

    3. Never Portland - LOL. State rivals eh? Why Chicago Blackhawks? Regionally speaking, there are closer NHL teams.

    4. When I discovered hockey (who would've guessed that?!), in the late 50s, Vancouver was a rival to our Totems, as was Winnipeg, albeit just briefly. Thanks to Sports Illustrated, I discovered the Blackhawks and the Golden Jet - what a great moniker! Didn't he play in Winnipeg on his way to retirement? There were only 6 teams then and Chicago was closest to Seattle. If the Canucks get competitive again, I'll gladly jump on their bandwagon, Calgary too.

    5. Now it makes sense, Gary. When Bobby joined the Winnipeg Jets (perfect spot for the Golden Jet) in 1972, he was the first $1-million hockey star (and only the second pro athlete after Pele).

      His WHA signing convinced other NHL stars to join the new league. He was still close to the height of his powers, and played from 72-79 when the league merged with the NHL. He led the league in scoring several times. When Swedish linemates Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson joined the Jets, with Hull they formed one of the most formidable pro hockey lines of the 1970s — known as The Hot Line. He was part of the Jets team that downed the Soviet Red Army team in 1978, 4-1 — the only NHL or WHA team to do so on that 8-game tour. The Hot Line drove them crazy.

      I got to see Bobby play in person many times.