Monday 21 August 2017

Joey Votto's MVP-like stats — NL leader in walks, OBP and OPS — are lost on a bad Reds team. Still, somewhere in Japan a fantasy player is saying: Domo arigato, Mr. Joe Votto.


  1. Hope someone gets the allusion here to the classic STYX song.

  2. Very nice, RJ-San! Wakarimasu.

    Kris Bryant speaking about Votto: "He’s the best player ever,” He’s my favorite player. I love watching him. I love talking to him, just picking his brain." Best ever may be a stretch but he's pretty darn good!

    1. Thanks, Gary. Interesting quote from Bryant. One wonders if Votto will ever get to play for the Jays in his hometown Toronto. Then again, he's "just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control."

      If we're talking best Canadian MLB non-pitcher ever, then probably the 1-2 debate would be between Larry Walker and Joey Votto.

  3. I think Votto is a more complete player than Walker, but it is close.