Friday 10 February 2017

Editor's Note: If Atlanta had won the toss and scored a TD in O.T. — meaning Tom Brady never got to respond — the hue and cry to change overtime would have been deafening. Change the rule: give both offences and both defences a shot in overtime.

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  1. In CFL overtime, both offences get one shot scrimmaging from the opposition 35 - and of course both defences get a try to stop them. If Team A scores, Team B must tie (to stay alive) or exceed that score (to win)on their turn. If it is a tie after one O.T., they switch ends and go to a 2nd O.T. from 35 yards out, with Team B scrimmaging first.

    In the regular season, if it is still even after two overtimes, the game ends in a tie. In the playoffs, teams keep playing until one team outscores the other in an overtime period. This was the case in the 2005 Grey Cup where the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Montreal Alouettes 38-35 in double overtime.