Monday 22 August 2016

Websites Gawker and Vox slammed NBC’s Olympic announcers for an Americans-only bias. That’s harsh — although one suspects their favourite Christmas tune is Jingo Bells.


  1. NBC's coverage was terrible. Instead of seeing events as they happened, we got tape-delay. Even worse, we often got U.S. Olympian puff pieces instead of actual competition. And the opening ceremony was a commercial-filled ordeal - with gaps.

  2. A quote from the Telegraph:
    "The less chance America has of winning a medal, the more ad breaks they seem to throw in - leading to immense frustration during the road race, with coverage on their main channel flicking between the cycling and swimming, and viewers taking to Twitter to try and find out what was going on."

  3. Luckily I live not far south of the Canadian border. I got to watch a lot of CBC's coverage.