Thursday 4 August 2016

Over 140 Santas just met at the World Santa Claus Congress in Copenhagen to discuss next Christmas. It was unanimous: no presents for Warriors forward Draymond Green.


  1. Hahaha! No prezzies for Draymond then.

  2. Funny you would say that, KJ. ... You may see another version of this joke floating around. (Maybe saw it here?) The first draft read "It was unanimous: Warriors forward Draymond Green is not nice." ... Then I thought something even subtler may be better; i.e. What happens when you are not nice? "It was unanimous: no gifts for Warriors forward Draymond Green." ... The "gifts" version is what I ran in the Express last week; the "nice" I posted here.

    Recently some other papers have ran the "gifts" version (thank you, Dwight), so I have changed it back to the original posted version.