Saturday, 2 January 2016

A festive cheerleader pic. Cheers.


  1. She wore blue velvet
    Bluer than velvet were her eyes

  2. Channeling your inner Bobby Vinton there, Gary. Some trivia about that ....

    After the success of his song "Blue on Blue" (#3 in mid-1963), Vinton decided to record an album of "Blue" songs ("Blue Moon," "Blue Hawaii," "Am I Blue," etc). As he was picking up sheet music in Nashville, Vinton received a gift from publisher Al Gallico: a copy of "Blue Velvet," which in 1951 was the last major hit for Tony Bennett. The song fit very well with Vinton's project, as every song on the album had "Blue" in the title.

    1. You do know your music, thanks for sharing, very interesting. Had I a 2nd chance to share a 1st impression, I would've gone with "Blue Angel," but I guess initially, the blue outfit directed me toward velvet.