Monday, 19 October 2015

Imagining Canada’s main political parties running CFL teams:
NDP: Offensive linemen take turns calling plays;
Liberals: The left tackle calls all the plays;
Conservatives: Linemen pay the highest taxes, QBs are exempt.


  1. Just curious - is Margaret doing any campaigning for her son?

  2. Maggie Trudeau is keeping a low profile - much lower than when she was partying with the Rolling Stones - but yes she's been around and helping son Justin .....

    Windsor Star - "Trudeau watched the results with his wife, Sophie, their three kids and Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, at the Liberal election night headquarters at a Montreal hotel. Liberal supporters gathering in a hotel ballroom burst into wild cheering when national television networks declared a Liberal majority victory 90 minutes after the polls closed in central Canada."