Thursday, 7 May 2015

What would you call A-Rod, currently baseball's most hated player, matching Willy Mays' mark of 660 homers to earn a $6-million bonus? Heel of fortune.


  1. Now that A-Rod has reached 660, the Yankees have reiterated they don't intend to pay the bonus because his achievements lost their value once he was suspended for his connection to Biogensis.

  2. HEEL is being nice! Not only should the Yankees NOT pay the Heel, but he should be repaying the team for all the money he's taken while cheating. Surely they have a morals clause in the contract, and given his history of transgressions, they should also have a drugs clause specifically aimed at him. I know that the MLBPA is likely the strongest union in the US now, but it defies logic that the Yanks can't cut him loose and owe him NOTHING! End of rant!

  3. Good rant, Gary. Many people - including me - feel the same way. The Yankees hate A-Rod, yet seem to be stuck with him.