Tuesday, 8 October 2013

London (Ontario) police issued tickets to Western cheerleaders during a homecoming rally. What was the charge? Raising a rah-rah-kus?


  1. Where but Sports Deke do you get this kind of non-mainstream Canadian content? Thanks RJ. I checked this one out. I can't believe the cops ticketed cheerleaders during a pep rally, street or not. Shows the difference between our attitudes and US attitudes toward team support! Booooo London police. Drop the charges already.

  2. They were a nuisance?!?! Impressive - they have 42 members of their cheer squad...42! I checked out a couple of university cheer squads in the US just cuz I'm curious. Arizona State, the largest univ. in the US (enrollment over 73,000 -- and I thought parking was difficult at a school with an enrollment of 19K!). ASU had 29 cheerleaders for the 2012-13 school year. And Central Florida, the 2nd largest school at just over 63,000, has 32 (16 men and 16 women).

    Hopefully, the police will come to their senses as I imagine the PR is killing their rep right now.

  3. That is a large cheer squad! Gary. I agree with you both, PR-wise this looks bad on the police. I saw the chief of London police commenting in a video; looking over his glasses. He came off as a officious, pompous shmuck.