Saturday 12 January 2013

This just in: Mike Shanahan encourage RG3 to run with scissors.


  1. Too true RJ! Sadly. Shanahan should have pulled him way sooner in that game! Criminal!!!

  2. Great joke RJ!!!! And a very sad comment fer sure. Effing Shanahan put RG3's future at risk totally in that game. Should have yanked the kid for his own good.

    DOn't agree with everyone who says he should have yanked him at 14-0. You don't pull your QB when he is hot. But geez dude, in the 3rd quarter, he hadn't done anything and that limping rollout to the sidelines. You could tell his knee was giving out. Put cousins in then.

    It's part of the NFL win today at all costs mentality.

  3. Agree with everyone's take on this. Someone should Kerrigan one of Shanahans knees. Bastard.