Sunday 1 January 2012

Yearly quote collections you might enjoy, from some exceptional Canadian sports writers. It's been an honour to have them include me in their columns during the past year, despite the risk to their reputations. And an extra thank you to Mr. Penton and Mr. Hallihan for also including the name.

Bruce Penton, Medicine Hat Daily News: "Quote, unquote: The best of the bunch from 2011" Part 1 and Part 2

Bruce Hallihan, Fredericton Daily Gleaner: "Annual collection of year-end quotes."

Ian Hamilton, Regina Leader-Post: "Favourite lines and quotes from 2011."

Thanks also to Hartley Miller, Opinion 250, for using one or two of my lines (and the name) each week in his excellent Slap-Shots column.

And finally, thanks to Greg Frazier, Jockularity, and Arkansas Online (whoever you are) for using a line or two (and the SportsDeke name) each month. Last but not least, a shout out to Chad Picasner and Stan Kegel, regular users of my lines each week - much appreciated.

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  1. Bruce Penton's column appears across western Canada, including Kamloops This Week, which I have linked to. He includes a line (or two) from Sports Deke almost every week, for which I thank him.

    Bruce Hallihan's column appears in several papers in Atlantic Canada.