Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kim Kardashian is threatening to sue NFL player Bret Locket, who claims they hooked up while Kim was dating her fiance, Kris Humphries of the Nets. Locket says he can present proof in court, including ‘very personal’ cell phone pics of Kim. I’m thinking this sounds like hard evidence.


  1. Welcome back, good to see you and your desk back at work!

    "Locket says he can present proof in court, including ‘very personal’ cell phone pics of Kim." Well, who can't?

    I noticed that Cam had a couple of funnies in this week's pub from Stan Kegel. Does that mean he has a new outlet?

  2. Good one RJ!

    Hey did you know that Troy Media stole your blog name? And the caption underneath! It's flagrant man.

    They even got Cam Hutchinson's picture and Sports Deke underneath: You should check it out; here's a link (Sports Deke is in the link):

  3. Hi gary, thanks. To answer your question - yes; two outlets actually. The Saskatoon Express launches on Tuesday. Meanwhile Troy Media picked it up and it ran Saturday. The link is in Kelly J's comment.

    As Kelly J points out, something weird happened. They have the name of this blog and my tagline on Cam's new column.

  4. Thanks Kelly J. I did see it. It was definitely upsetting.. and a few people have emailed me to ask if I'm secretly Cam Hutchinson. lol.

    I don't think they are trying to steal it; it's just a weird mix-up. Maybe next week they'll call it Sideline Chatter.... At least it would be an upgrade from Sports Deke.

    Maybe I'll send a note to Troy Media to let them know. But thanks, as always, for the feedback. Check for the Saskatoon Express on Tuesday.

    RJ Currie
    Sports Deke